1) This is to inform you that Most of the Sources are not Refunding Money for Wrong Operators or unlocked  imei So if you submit wrong operator or unlocked imei , we won’t be responsible for any kind of refund.

 2) We have News that many operators may Relock iphones Unlocked, In future if Any operator Relocks Iphones Unlocked by Source, in that Case we won’t be Responsible for refund.

 3) Once the IMEI is Process, we can’t cancel until source canceled and refund us. We mention time of turnaround according to jobs done by source all time, in some cases it can take more time as given.

 4) For Verification Click Verify and Submit Ticket On Web and Paste GSX Details, if Operator is Same as You Submit we will talk with supplier to get it Done Fast or Refund If They Cannot Unlock. Time will be taken for verification as service working time.

 5) If Any Job Delay By Us, Simply Click Submit Ticket and Mention US , Date of Submit and Turnaround Time by Us Mention , We will try our best to Clear Your Jobs On Time. This is the Best way to Contact Our Team. 

6) Please Before Submit IMEI  check  Find my iphone active or disable Every phone will get stuck on activation if its active with previous owner  ask them to deactivate else do not Submit , might end up paying more for deactivate icloud.

 7) Due to the Security Issues, we are trying our best and for country mismatch and login from many ip at same time accounts will be block, in any case you can contact us via below contact details and we will try to help your issues efficiently.

 9) Mention Time is According to Working Days/ Bossiness Days, Holidays will not Count By Source.

 10) All API or Other Instant Services Can Be Delay By Any Reason, We can only try our best to get fix it fast.

 (11). we preserver rights to access in your account without any notice If required.

(12) Account will be suspended if you spam. Such as for submission same orders again and again, unnecessary clicking order verify button, spam at Ticket & Forum.

13) Account may suspend if you registered your account with false information, invalid email or multiple account.

(14) Account may suspend If your email address is invalid/incorrect/our systems tried to delivered mail to your registered email, the account will be closed (Delete) without notice. If closed (Delete), you will able to create new account with following terms and condition.

(15). Account may suspend if you open PayPal dispute (useless) or charge back after completed orders or spread out rumor about our company.

(16) Account may suspend if any due amount at HELLOIMEI & that is unpaid.

17. Refund System of HELLOIMEI (Refund fee is 0.35$)

(A) You are buying electronic product / activation at HELLOIMEI.COM. Any of our products will not be shipped physically in any manner. Our site is working based on credits which can be used to purchase license, activation, validation, resolution or other formats. Any disputes that contains not found product will not be entertained by us in any manner. Users who are paying through paypal will require demanding their refund using our withdrawal request only and for that will be applicable refund fee 0.35$.

 (B) Typically, auto refunding system available at HELLOIMEI.COM, such as once reject your orders means credits will be refunded at your HELLOIMEI.COM account.

(C) All Factory Unlock Service, Codes Is Generated from Database Direct, in any case counter of handset is blocked or Handset Saying Code error, There is No refund Policy from Suppliers.

(D) No refund possible in case of any service delay. 

 (E) You must submit a Ticket for refund and you must allow up to 1-7 working days to process your query.



So work with us only if you agree with these terms and conditions!!!!